YourMondayMotivator: Mr Consistency

I first started writing a MondayMotivator in 2004. The main reason was to do one thing every week that I had to do and was accountable to a lot of people to complete.
Another reason was I felt I had become Mr Gonna. Gonna do this, gonna do that. For various reasons I couldn’t do many things and because you might not see people for a long time it looked like I was chopping and changing every five minutes.
So I decided I wanted to become Mr Consistency instead and haven’t missed a Monday since August 2004. Has it made me Mr Consistency? Yes and no. Yes, it really has proven I can do something for a very long time. No because people hold onto views of you they have held since time immemorial and just can’t let them go.
So what can you do about that? Nothing. Nothing at all. Let them have their views. It will only be be a minute of your time as they recite the mantra they have for you and it will be over. Everyone moves along and you get on with doing whatever you were about to do or doing.
I have a mantra for my business: consistency leads to trust, which leads to loyalty, which leads to people talking about you at bars and bbq’s.
Works for real life too. The only difference you can make is how they are talking about you. Mr Consistency or Mr Gonna. I choose Consistency what do you choose?