YourMondayMotivator: Knowing your fate will set you free.

I was watching an interview with 50 Cent over the weekend that has really struck a chord with me. Actually I watched several hip-hop artist interviews because they are honest with how they are living to get to where they are – at the top.
They are smart men and very wealthy men who know their audience well. Mostly because they were once their audience and decided to grab a hold of their thoughts and through music fight their way up. And it would have been a fight. To stay alive even.
A lot of these guys have been in life threatening situations that taught them to live and I thought this follows on well from last weeks MondayMotivator.
“The more that you are aware of your fate, the higher the probability you have a chance to live. So you’re a little more free.” — 50 Cent
50 cent - YourMondayMotivator: Knowing your fate will set you free.
You are going to die but if you haven’t been in a life threatening situation you are probably just cruising through Life. I’ve been in several life threatening situations that I felt I was very lucky to survive. Some of my own making and some not.
These situations impressed upon me that I am going to die but did they impress upon me the that I have a chance to live?
I believe they did because I continue to push myself to learn and grow. To be better each day. Sometimes I fail at that. But the difference is I can now choose to learn from that failure.
Life threatening situations are different for every one. Having to speak to a big audience can be just as life threatening as dropping a bike at 170km/h. However in reality it’s not. You are not going to physically die on stage, when making a cold call or speaking up about a concern in a meeting.
This week if you’re in a situation that makes you nervous think about the worst thing that can happen – you could get shot 9 times like 50 Cent, your child could be really sick and you have no idea what is happening as they are rushed to hospital – and then relate that back to your situation. … It’s not that bad right? Make a decision, be free and live.