YourMondayMotivator: Keep it simple …

Confucius says, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
I reflect a lot on how I act. Even when I’m being unsociable I take notice of the way I am acting and decide whether or not it suits my purposes.
As an aside, sometimes when emotions take over it’s very hard to stop being unsociable. Its very interesting. I sometimes reframe that as being passionate and it works well to calm the situation / me quickly.
Life is simple. But that can be boring. So as Kurt Vonnegut says in the article I link to below we seek drama in our lives. The drama gives us the highs and lows we think we need. In my opinion some people actively seek to cause drama to give themselves something to do. A challenge to think about and unravel.
More often that not life then gets complicated as the balls you are juggling start to hit the ground. Not everyone can forgive you for being a numpty.
Porsche 911 02 - YourMondayMotivator: Keep it simple ...
Keeping things simple in how you act, what you say and what you do, will take a huge load off your mind. Why? Because you won’t have to remember what you said to this person, what you did to cause that in that person and who you have to be on eggshells around.
However, that’s easier said than done because we have generally been here for some time and have caused a whole heap of drama already. And there are those who will still see you as the person who caused the drama years after you have learned the lesson and moved on. They will keep reminding you about it.
Life is simple, yeah right. But it is fun and if you can be mindful of keeping it simple you will be a lot lighter and deal with a lot less drama.
Have a great week.

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