YourMondayMotivator: It’s Spring. Yay. Are you prepared?

It’s Spring … so it’s raining in Auckland. Great. Another day of people freaking out and driving like the learners they actually are. Not like the Lewis Hamilton’s they think they are when it’s dry.
You might have picked up I dislike driving with other Aucklanders in the rain. Yes, you must drive to the conditions. However, unlike LA it rains here a lot. You would think we would be used to it. It’s the main condition the tyres on our cars are designed for. Otherwise we would be driving on the grippiest tyres you can get, once they’re up to temperature, slicks.
So what’s any of this got to do with your Monday morning? It’s this …
Are you prepared for all conditions?
Recently I watched a TV show, it might have been Nigel Latta, and they talked about driving with teenagers in all conditions before you let them drive to Whangamata at Christmas. I added that last bit in for effect. Too often kids are taught to drive in nice, safe dry conditions, during the day. They are totally unprepared for the rain, hail and the other thing that happens every day, night time.
It’s the same for you. Are prepared for all the conditions you are going to meet today. There will be a lot them and in my opinion you have to be prepared.
You have to have a mindset to get yourself not only through the day but POWERING through the day. Chewing up every second like it’s the last mouthful of food you will see for 40 hours.
Some use a mind movie, others use a Winners Bible, others read affirmations, or positive statements. Do some reserach, try a few different styles on for size and work out which one sits nicely with you and then do it, every day.
Have a great week.
My best.
P.S. A good friend of mine, Jody Jelas, and I caught up recentl and yit was through talking with her I got the idea for todays MM. I am really impressed with the kick arse video series she has just released. If you’ve ever wanted to put a usb stick into your head and download all the good stuff Jody can help. Go and watch all her free video’s here and pick up as many great tips as you can. I’ve learned a heap of stuff I’m implementing into Spike and watching her videos always makes me smile. Not quite the same as the big ups we give each other in person but pretty close. Anyway go here now and sign up for the free videos. Well worth handing your email address over for.


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