YourMondayMotivator: It’s not where you’re from.

It is no secret I like cars so it won’t come as any surprise that I enjoy watching movies about cars and car builders. Recently I watched a Petrolicious film about the Ring Brothers. Brothers Mike and Jim Ring build modern day interpretations of cool old cars. And they are really good. Their cars are world renowned.
There is a line from Mike in the film where he says who would have thought two guys from a town of 600 would get noticed. And that’s what drives him. It’s not money. It’s someone looking at them as being good at what they do.
ringbros - YourMondayMotivator: It's not where you're from.
So why are they so good? Because they love what they do might mean they are good at it. They enjoy the details and these guys enjoy sanding. When asked if that’s what they do all day, “Pretty much. But I really enjoy it”
I’ve been a painter. Sanding was not my favourite part. But the finish I could get by keeping focused on the little details as I sanded was well worth it.
The Ring Brothers are proof that it’s what you do that matters. It’s not where you are from or what school you went too. That stuff is gone. If you still still think like that, it’s you are thinking like that and that thought is holding you back %%First Name%%.
Where you are right now simply doesn’t matter. It’s the care you take. It’s the attention to detail. And it’s caring about the people who are doing what you do for.
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