YourMondayMotivator – Is anyone reading this.

2009 is drawing to a close. Three weeks to go and our 365 days are up. I had a quick look at my list numbers this morning and thought, “What the heck is going on here?”. They would have to be the lowest they have been for a long time at about 3,500.

Then of course the self doubt hit. Why do I bother, is anyone actually reading this, are they getting anything out of it, do they pass it on, why are they unsubscribing, why are they subscribing.

This year though has been a busy one for everybody. There has been a lot of negativity in the world and a lot of people scrambling, for their lives basically. ‘Scrambling’ always reminds me of crabs in a bucket and I have seen a lot of that this year. People willing to do whatever it takes to get by or get ahead. Reading ‘another’ email on Monday probably isn’t a priority.

So today I need your help. I am not looking for sympathy emails, I am after constructive criticism and feedback. What can I do better to make the MondayMotivator the best and most read Monday morning email. How can I change things to make it so it’s a must read every week.

I enjoy writing this every week and I made a promise never to miss a Monday. A promise that has seen me not miss a Monday for almost seven years now. Even on my deathbed I’m sure I will be able to get one out.

Are you always asking for feedback or are you afraid of what you might hear? Personally I’m a bit worried about what you’re going to say. However I’m really looking forward to your feedback because I know it will help make the MondayMotivator a lot better for 2010.