YourMondayMotivator: Information OVERLOAD!

I devour information every day, literally,and for some time I have been asking myself why. Why am I so interested in reading about … everything. I am even getting upset when I don’t have time to read / watch everything I want too. Argh!
It’s like I’m an information addict and my addiction is being well fed by the ever expanding internet of stuff. And it’s not all good stuff. More and more it’s regurgitated, uninformed, under investigated fluff.
information overload - YourMondayMotivator: Information OVERLOAD!
So why my sudden realisation I’m addicted to information? Because I’m paying for my addiction with time.
Reading / watching online entertainment, portrayed as news / portrayed as information, takes up valuable time. Time I never get back. I wasn’t reading as many books. They were taking longer to read because I’m consuming information online.
So do I need to read / watch this interesting stuff?
Do I retain information obtained online as much as I do when I read a book?
Is it as relaxing as reading a book?
These are the questions I’ve been asking myself because these days what purpose is that information serving apart from being a vehicle to put advertisements in front of me. …
Think about your online habits this week %%First Name%% and ask yourself, “Do I need to read / watch this?”. That question is slowly breaking my habit and I am getting back the time I need to do the things that are really important to my self and my growth.
When I first typed the headline for this piece I typed ‘information overlord’. That could be nearer the truth.
Have a great week.
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