YourMondayMotivator: I’m annoyed

I’ve been annoyed lately. Not the kind where you yell, “Numpty!”. The kind where you go “Grrrr.” in your head.
annoyed - YourMondayMotivator: I'm annoyed
When you’re really annoyed and you’re going, “ARGH!!”, in that moment. Because it’s that moment that has tipped you over the edge of, let’s call it sanity, and you’ve lost your cool. Impatience has got the better of you, and you’re upset, and you show it, and you let the person know you’re really annoyed.
That moment %%First Name%% is the culmination of a lot of events and stuff. For example: lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of food and lack of time out or space.
Think back to a time when you were really annoyed. …. Got one? …. Great. Now keep going back through the days and weeks preceding that moment. …. Now stop and slowly come forwards and note what you see. How were you sleeping? Did you do any exercise? Were you just eating on the run?
There will be a time when you thought to yourself, “I’m too busy to stop.”. That was your mind telling you you really need to stop and take a moment. That was the time you actually tipped over the edge. It probably just passed you by.
Here’s the hard thing. You need to do a thing a day, or every few days, so you don’t get to the tipping point. It’s doesn’t have to be much. From my experience a brisk walk, 10 minutes breathing, or eating at the table is enough to give my mind a break and enjoy a day.
Those moments when impatience gets the better of you can really wear down relationships. Be they with colleagues, staff or family. Taking responsibility for your own patience is a great start. Being mindful of others is another.
Have a great week.
P.S. And I have to say I was very annoyed this morning when I shut down a program and deleted my first draft of today’s MondayMotivator. Oh no! will this one be as good as the first copy? I hope so. Will be shorter. Had to chuckle though right. I am writing about being annoyed. Ha!

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