YourMondayMotivator: How quickly can you start again?

Last Tuesday at 9.30pm a hole appeared in the SpikeHQ production office wall with great force. A truck driver dropping off a container next door made a mistake. A big one.
hole - YourMondayMotivator: How quickly can you start again?
Luckily no one was sitting in the office at the time and all we had to do was clean up, cover the hole, call the insurance company, the builder, the block layer, the truck company etc etc to get it sorted. That’s a lot of hassle.
Then we had to wait to get it fixed because of course we couldn’t have someone cutting concrete while the team was working there. That would not be pleasant. So we put it off until Saturday morning.
But to get ready for that we had to remove everything from the office. So that’s desks, printer, computers, draws, a bookcase and you get the drift.
This is the part that got me thinking about today’s topic. How quickly could we start again? In our case very quickly. We’re very portable and agile. We can almost work from anywhere. Our desks are designed to be dismantled in seconds, we use Apple products because there are less cables and we work from the cloud. We can be up and running in minutes – and will be this morning when we have put everything back.
How quickly can you get started again? Not just from a hole in a wall but from a mistake or failure.
How quickly can you get back on your feet and be raring to go? Fired up and motivated to push on.
That’s a very good question to ask yourself today %%First Name%%. Because your answer will be an indication of how passionate you are about you, your life and what direction you’re heading. Passion will get you up almost before you’ve hit the ground. Lack of it will keep you on the mat.