YourMondayMotivator: How much capacity do you have?

There are not many times in most of our lives that our full capacity is ever reached. Our capacity as human beings is far, far greater than what we think we know.

This is being proven time and time again in Christchurch. The sight of Ahsei “Ace” Sopoaga flinging slabs of concrete around like foam blocks to get to someone was impressive. The footage of and interviews with firemen, workmates, paramedics etc risking their own lives to save others is inspiring.

Nigel Latta was on Breakfast this morning speaking about the children and how it will affect them. He made a great comment about parents being the best councillors for children and that the children seeing these hero’s in action will inspire them. Everyone helping each other is something they would have heard talked about but would seldom see. They are survivors and Christchurch is going to have a bunch of gritty little kids who can do anything.

Everyones capacity is different but until things like a disaster happen it never gets used. This has got me thinking we need to prepare ourselves for those times. In my opinion being unfit, weak and unable to do simple tasks in a situation like this leaves you vulnerable and reliant on others.

If you are a guy who can’t change a tyre, swim strongly, or lift a 20 litre water container, it’s time you learned. In Auckland we don’t have earthquakes, we have volcano’s, but you never know when you will need to step up and look after your family. Increase your capacity for these things and you will be able to help out and be a hero in your children’s eyes.

This week work out your capacity and then make a plan to increase it because adrenaline will times it by ten. Imagine what you will be able to do with that.

My best.