YourMondayMotivator: How are you tracking?

It’s June. Yup, June. We are basically halfway through the year and if you’re in New Zealand having having another day off. This time for the Queens Birthday. Excellent.
Yes that is sarcasm you detect. If you’re a long time reader of the MondayMotivator you’ll know that in my opinion we have a lot of needless days off through the year. Days that affect the countries productivity negatively.
So June and your goals. Where are you at?
I’ve been looking at our goals for the year and we have done some, adjusted others, decided some won’t happen and are nearing the completion of the biggest one of the year. The kitchen. This has required a lot more things to happen than just pull the old one out and put a new one in. There were, still are, a lot of decisions to make as the knock on effect of one thing leads to another.
These things are hard to account for if you’ve never done something before. They require asking for advice and help, planning each step and getting the timing right.
Have some of your goals turned out to need to need more planning than you thought? Did you give up or crack on and achieve something huge?
This week check out your goals, see where you’re at, adjust, tweak, get advice if needed and do what you need to do to make this the best year of your Life.