YourMondayMotivator: Have you done / got enough? Reading time: 2 minutes

This morning I was reading through my emails and the following thought occurred to me to write about: Have you done / got enough?
I write about growth a lot. What I mean by that is personal growth.
The advancement of your knowledge, tolerance (got some great feedback from that, thank you), health, business acumen, and relationships to name several areas.
Note I did not include money in that list. That is because whilst I could always do with more money I am very grateful for what I have and work to maximise it.
For example. I could theoretically go and buy almost any car I want. However the finance would be simple, the payments a worry. So I drive an Echo. Although I feel like the delivery boy sometimes the car is just cool enough and very useful for the City. Park it anywhere, turn on a dime.
But here’s my point. Driving this car means I get to go racing in the 2KCup (check it out). The Echo might not be as “cool” or “flash” as a newer car but the related costs means that money can be used elsewhere. The Echo is enough.

enough - YourMondayMotivator: Have you done / got enough? Reading time: 2 minutes

And seriously I thought people cared about that kind of thing (I still do sometimes), what I drive, they don’t. They’ve got way more on their minds about the service we offer than what I park in the carpark. Although there is an opposing viewpoint on this I don’t have the space to cover today.
Another example. At Spike we’ve stopped actively taking on new clients and are focusing on our existing clients. This is because for most we’re heading into the very busy Christmas season and we’ve got enough. But by servicing the heck out of our existing clients now we’re building a library of processes to build on next year. Taking on new clients then will be easy. We’ve done / got enough for the year.
This week check out minimalism. This site is a good start. I believe you need to check in with yourself from time to time and see if you’ve got / done enough. In most cases you will have and you need to focus on what you have to get the most out of it.