YourMondayMotivator: Go deep or go home.

Last night the epitome of focus and discipline was interviewed on 60 Minutes, William Trubridge. I’m not sure he would use the phrase “go deep or go home” however I think it’s fitting for a guy who can dive to 101m without fins and on one breathe.

Mr Trubridge is a man I admire because of the focus you have to have to not only hold your breathe but fight your bodies screaming desire to breath. I’m sure you hold your breathe from time to time to see how long you can. He can hold his for 8 minutes. Focus and relaxing make it a lot easier.

Focus is something I strive for every day. I have written about not going to meetings any more because of my tangents. It’s working. And I have been training myself to have better focus for many years by doing things that require discipline. 

Things such as recording my weight and waist measurements every morning so I know what exercises and diet is working. Or writing the MondayMotivator and not missing a Monday. Or writing in my journal every night. Little things. Things that are really easy to to do but when you actually do them even when you could easily not that feeling, that experience, flows into the rest of your life with surprising results. 

By surprising I mean waking up, this could be written as having an epiphany, when you realise a little thing you have been doing has made a HUGE change to your life. The changes don’t happen overnight and you can slip back a bit but not for long and never to where you started from.

Have a great week and start doing something every day.

My best.


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