YourMondayMotivator: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a word that promotes consternation amoungst some people because it means moving forward and not adding to the back pack of worry, anger, stress and disappointment we carry around. Some of our back packs are lighter than others and it is said by many, many people forgiveness is a big step to emptying that pack out.

There is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi that goes, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

On first pass Ghandi might seem as weak as a dry twig but when you read about his accomplishments you know he was as strong as steel.

I actually wanted to use a quote by Grace Hopper today but my writing went in a different direction to what I first thought.

Forgiveness to me is the same as turning the other cheek and that sometimes seems stupid / weak to me because where is the lesson for the other person. They will just slap your other cheek. I have been more likely (and it might be argued still am) to slap the other person twice before the stinging has stopped.

The question I am asking myself then is, “Who is the lesson for?”.

I’m thinking it must me for me because I have control of my thoughts and body. No one else does.

How does asking this question help you today and in today’s world? In my opinion asking yourself who the lesson is for means picking your battles and deciding what you are going to put in your back pack. Stones or ideas made of light pumice.

Forgiveness helps you stand in the other persons shoes and think where the other person is coming from. That to me is powerful, makes each day better and helps move us forward.

Have a great week and think before you slap back – who is the lesson for?


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