YourMondayMotivator: Forget the reset button

Walking along the road pushing Alba yesterday I realised there is no reset button for life. There really isn’t.
All you can do is take all the experiences you’ve had, examine them, learn from them, and choose a new track.
Not doing the above is like changing lanes on a busy motorway without looking first. You might get away with it once or twice but more than likely a car will be in your blind spot and chaos will ensue.
And why would you want a reset button? You have a learned so much just to get to here it would be a waste to lose that experience and knowledge.
If you are not on the track you thought you would be I know a person who can help you right now. They are very close by. You might even be able to see them in the reflection of the screen you are reading this on.
That’s right, that person is you. If you can’t see yourself too well go and take a look in a mirror. The person looking back at you has all the knowledge and experience to change lanes at any time. No need for a reset button. Just think about where you want to go, look for the big signs, and make sure you’re in the right lane.
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