YourMondayMotivator: Fearing the fear

This week Seth Godin wrote a short missive on fearing the fear. One of the lines got my attention, “Most of the things we avoid are avoided because we’re afraid of being afraid.”
What an interesting concept and one that will ring true for a lot of people. We avoid a lot of things because we are afraid of being afraid.
It doesn’t make sense when you read it does it. But if you pause for a moment and think about situations where you haven’t done something because you didn’t want to you were putting off being afraid.
fear - YourMondayMotivator: Fearing the fear
It might be you need to do something simple like making a call but because of the thoughts that go through your head you put it off. And off and off and off until it’s no longer relevant. That call might have changed your life though.
We have things to do that make us uncomfortable. That’s good. That’s when we grow. Those moments when we are testing ourselves and are the ones when we learn the most.
Don’t be afraid of being afraid %%First Name%% and when you get that feeling embrace it because you know you are about to learn something.
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Have a great week.