YourMondayMotivator: Ego and why do you do things

Do you ever contemplate your Ego? It takes a little more thought than contemplating your navel but it is far more interesting.

Sigmund Freud wrote the Ego was a part of you that would stop you chasing down someone who cut you off in traffic and giving them a hiding. It’s seems to me to be a little more complicated than that but I hope you get my drift. Some might say it’s your moral compass.

I’m fascinated by what drives me and others to do things. Some say it’s a bad thing to be “Ego driven” but is it? If it’s a part of you that stops you chasing someone because it knows there is a better response surely that is a good thing?

However our collective Ego does seem to think we are bigger than we are. We will not “save the world”, or the children, in our lifetime. Our individual lifetimes are so short that we cannot hope to make a massive difference remembered by many.

No one will remember us in the future. Four or five generations down the line they will have to be interested enough to do a genealogy search.

So today’s MondayMotivator sounds like it’s all doom and gloom but it’s not. In my opinion it frees me from the fear of going for it. It frees to attempt what I’m passionate about. Doing my best to build a big business, race cars, spend time with my family, whatever I want. Because this is all new to me and it will be all new to my great, great grand children who aren’t going to have a clue who I am.

But hopefully they will wake up every day and go for it with the same gusto and Ego that I have because by doing so they will make a difference to their world.