YourMondayMotivator – Doing what you love

How do you know if you are doing what you love?

I have a list;
– you like getting up in the morning to get to work
– you tell everyone you know and meet in the check-out line about it
– people get sick of hearing about it
– even on your lowest days you still like what you do

Sound familiar? You might know someone like that.

There are two main ways to do what you love.

1. You start a business and as the business grows you delegate the parts of the job you don’t like.
2. You have a job to give you the money to do the the things you really want to do.

There are variations but basically these are the two things you can do. The crunch comes though when things don’t happen fast enough. What position is the best one to be in?

Having worked for myself for 18 years I believe if I had been able to stick at a job, even a part-time one, until I had built my business up more I might not have had some of the broken-ass days I had.

But, then I think were there lessons to be learned from being broke. Did it force me to be more creative, give me the drive to make cold calls, and say ‘yes’ more often to things I wasn’t sure I could do. I did them though, at the price I quoted, and learned tons in the process.

Isn’t life grand? The thoughts we have that seem to counter each other.

It does come down to this: pause, be happy with what you have, smile because you have a lot, get your butt to work, focus on the parts of the job you like, and you will have a much better day, week, life.

Because by focusing on things you like your mind will be free to be creative. And, who knows what will come from that.

Have a great week.