YourMondayMotivator: Do you really need to spend more time at work or working?

The headline says – New tech leads to more time on the job – survey.
The Great New Zealand Employment Survey showed technology was definitely leading people to be more connected outside of work hours. However there wasn’t a definitive answer on whether this was a postitive or a negative. It appeared that that depended on how you dealt with it.
Interestingly the outcome was even though people felt like they were spending more time “on the job” they were also learning to manage their connected time. And that is the part that I’m interested in. People learning to cope with something very new and being able to unplug from the world. A bit like in The Matrix when they unplug Neo.
A lot of people are way to plugged in. I would say I am one of them sometimes and really have to make a decision to put the phone, iPad, laptop down and get outside. Better weather makes that a lot easier – maybe technology was invented by someone really bored through Winter.
PowerDock - YourMondayMotivator: Do you really need to spend more time at work or working?
Technology is very, very useful. You can answer almost any question. Cook better meals – that is know exactly if your chicken is cooked or not. You can potentially work from anywhere. And you can stay connected while on an adventure somewhere. This is the best part of it for parents I’m sure.
Technology is also very new. New things are being trialled and discarded or moved on from everyday. New ways to interact with the world around us or those on the other side of the world ar being invented. We are very curious people. We want to know what we don’t know. Even if it could be potentially dangerous.
So what has all this exciting technology talk got to do with you on a beautiful Monday morning in Auckland / whatever city you’re in?
It’s allowing you to read my Monday morning missive so I can tell you technology is awesome and can allow you to spend more time doing what YOU want to do. Learn how it will best serve YOU to get the most out of today and everyday. And remember to OUT THE PHONE DOWN when you get home – because I will be trying my best to do the same.
Have a great week.
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