YourMondayMotivator: Crouching Tiger, Screaming Baby

Having a screaming baby in the house reminds me of a chinese kungfu movie. At any time a scream will come from nowhere, float across the house in best kungfu movie style, and kick you in the stomach.

You seem to be stuck in slo-mo and powerless against the impact it has on you. Booff! Right in the bread basket. Some say it’s the dreaded colic. I thought horses got that but apparently babies do too.

Whatever it is it messes with my head because there doesn’t seem to be much you can do apart from comfort them. There is a staggering amount of advice available about this and some stuff works for a bit but if their stomach is still sore a magic wand would be better.

How is this inspirational or even useful you are asking at this point? No idea. I just couldn’t think of anything else to write this morning and thought by starting to write about this something would come out of it. It usually does.

When you are under pressure, or holding a screaming baby, what do you do? What do you do? This is important because sometimes the screaming baby is a customer, an employee, or a thief, and if you freeze your done for.

In Martial Arts you practice the same thing time and time again until you it is automatic and you react. You have done that all your life by doing the same actions to events. These turn into reactions that are automatic and hard to stop. But you can by practicing.

Take note of how you react to things this week. If an action moves you forward keep it, if it doesn’t start practicing a way that will.

My best.


This weeks image (Note that this is not my baby)
baby460 - YourMondayMotivator: Crouching Tiger, Screaming Baby