YourMondayMotivator – Clean out your ‘stuff’

Over the past few months I have been wandering past my home office and getting quietly peeved as more stuff gets put in there. Not having time to clean it out has made it worse.

Then yesterday Lauren said lets clean that room out & it was game on.

We went through everything, put things we wanted to keep in boxes and in it’s place, and chucked out a huge amount of ‘stuff’.

It reminded me of a great George Carlin standup piece about stuff – watch it here. Brilliant! You will laugh, a lot.

So we cleared out all our stuff and I wondered why we hadn’t done it earlier. The feeling of relief it was to have everything in its place was huge for both of us. The room was a nice place to be in again.

I do have a slight complusion to be tidy because someone once said something along the lines of untidy room, untidy mind and it has stuck with me.

The human mind does not cope well with mess. You might dispute that because you don’t want to tidy your desk but I recommend you try it. I have heard all the arguments about knowing where everything is etc but it doesn’t wash.

The hardest part is the actual starting to clean up and as it gets worse it become seasier to put it off. Once you get over the hurdle of starting and sort your stuff out you will be amazed at the difference it makes to you, your work and your life. It’s that big.

I walked into the office this morning and thought wow. What a great way to start the day. I hope you can have that feeling too when you clean out your stuff.

Have a great week.