YourMondayMotivator: Change for changes sake

Recently Dilmah changed their tea bags to a new fangled design. The string comes off the side and the tag is stuck on with a type of glue. I don’t remember any consultation with customers about it and the new design makes it very hard to wrap the string around the bag for the final squeeze and get it to the bin.

On Saturday as I made a cup of tea, and struggled with the bag, I thought about why they had changed the design. Was it change for the sake of change, change to be different, and did it have to change?

Which brought me onto us. Do we have to change and do we sometimes change just for the sake of it?

We might think something about ourselves isn’t very good and we decide to change it. There is no consultation with anyone. We just change and don’t think about the consequences or the effect on others.

People might not want us to change because what we perceive as a bad trait or feature is what makes us unique.

I’m not saying all change is bad. My goal of not swearing by the 31st December this year is good.
Change for the sake of change is what I’m talking about. There is a great example in advertising where an advert that works is changed because the owners of the business or the marketing department don’t like it. Sales drop because they forgot that lots of people have never seen that advert before … and it works.

Before you go and change think about it. Is what you are changing that bad, how will it effect others and will it move you forward.

Have an excellent week.