YourMondayMotivator: Cars, kids, colds, chocolate and control

Bit of a chocka Easter this year and as the subject line states it was all about cars, kids, colds and chocolate.
Cars. The bad weather appeared to follow us around this weekend with a torrential downpour making one session very interesting. Water was pouring through the vents and in the partially opened windows. We had wanted to see what driving in the wet was like and we really found out. Slow. Well slow-ish.
Kids and colds. They really don’t go together well. I think I’ve seen more snot this weekend than the rest of my life put together. Where does it all come from?
Chocolate. I didn’t overindulge this year. Although there is still time 🙂
Control. This MondayMotivator has probably read like a diary entry so far. It certainly felt like it as I was writing it. Then I realised the common thread was control. For the car in the wet it’s all about control of your right foot and your head otherwise you will quickly depart the track like some did.
For kids it’s where the snot is being wiped too and hoping it doesn’t get you in the process.
Chocolate. Obvious really. Over overindulging will make you feel yuck.
Control is the one thing you have complete dominion over. Controlling how you think, feel and act is within your grasp. I struggle with that sometimes and the results can be ugly if I lose it. Getting older means I have time to practice. One day I might have complete control over myself. I’m just wondering if that will be a bit boring though. Maybe a thought for next week.