YourMondayMotivator: Birthdays, Gatherings and Public Holidays

My weekend consisted of a 3 year olds birthday, tile shopping, Mitre 10 Mega and catching up with people. Excellent combination that kept me off my laptop and involved with people.

Although I did get to sit and watch Saturdays V8 Supercar race and that was cool. Amazing how rain could turn what is sometimes a car wrecking procession into a very exciting and tactical race.

Mainly though I spent a lot of the weekend thinking about what my BHAG was because it occurred to me I didn’t have one.

I have lots of goals that might seem big but not a HUGE overiding one that gets my blood pumping. This was strange to me because I thought that wanting to be worth $100 Million and driving a Lamborghini were really big goals.

But they’re not.

The reason is I keep coming back to Michael Hill’s 30 year goal and those really aren’t big enough to keep me going. I need a bigger one.

Les Brown said, “Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

So I’m really going to shoot for the moon and I hope my BHAG allows you to think bigger too because if we do the roll on effect will be incredible. So here it is;

My BHAG is to be a Billionaire and live awesomely to 120.

You’re smiling. I know because I am too. Tell me what you BHAG is here and have a great day imagining what your life will look like in 30 years.
My best.


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