YourMondayMotivator: Back yourself

Very simple MondayMotivator today. Back yourself.

At it’s core backing yourself is about confidence but it’s also knowing you are right more times than you give yourself credit for.

For example at Spikemail I encourage the team to challenge me on things because I am not always right. And I hope not because I have the practice of hiring people smarter than me.

If they can prove they are right I’m willing to go with their idea. It makes it easier that I am getting better at hiding my irritation when they do challenge me but I know to move my company forward I need to listen, a lot.

To prove you are right you need more than just your words, you need proof.

It’s easy for us (Spikemail) because we can show examples and the results. You might need to show a website, testimonial or feedback from a customer to prove your point.

But if you’re prepared to back yourself with that kind of proof you are sure to get uptake on your idea.

Have a great week. Research your ideas and challenge the status quo in your job or industry. It will be awesome if you do.

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alex honnold - YourMondayMotivator: Back yourself