YourMondayMotivator – Are you inspired or motivated?

How do you know if you are inspired or motivated? They seem to mean the same thing and yet there is a subtle difference that makes inspiration millions of times more powerful than motivation.

Motivation is driven by the need to do something. There is a hook to make you do it. That might be bills to be paid, deadlines or goals.

Inspiration is more powerful because it is driven by your desire to do something. You breathe life into something.

A simple example is you are motivated to brush your teeth each day because you are inspired to have good teeth.

To me inspiration is the picture in your mind, motivation is the brushstrokes that finish the picture.

What inspires me will not necessarily inspire you and if you need a jump start there are pictures, quotes, music and video’s all over the internet. Or if you want to be inspired by like minded people come and join in on the MondayMotivator Facebook page.