YourMondayMotivator: Are you in it to win it?

I was watching the final of American Idol and they had a montage of clips of Randy Jackson and his “in it to win it” catch phrase. It made me wonder if I was “in it to win it”. Scotty won by the way. Another nice guy in a long line of nice guys who have won every Idol since about 2007.

So I’m in it to win it! Win what you’re thinking? The Game of Life.

After thinking that Life is a Game I had the thought that the Game is tilted in my favour any time I want it to be because I make the rules. Not only that the goal posts are where I put them.

Think about that for a minute in regards to your goals. Picture Dan Carter lining up a kick. Too far back and out to the left and a cross wind could make it a bit hairy and harder to get between the posts. Right in front and he isn’t going to miss.

I find it quite extraordinary we have that much control over ourselves and so that much control over our lives.

This week check your goals and see what it’s going to take to place the kick right in front of the goal posts so you can’t miss. Think about who needs to be in your team and what tactics you will play to get you to the right spot.

Picturing Dan or myself lining up for a kick makes it pretty easy for me to see how I can get my goals. I hope it helps you too.

Have a great week.