YourMondayMotivator: Are you a mind reader?

Good morning
How often does someone say that to you? “I’m not a mind reader.” How often do you say that?
I will let you in on a secret – being a mind reader isn’t that difficult. And you don’t all electronic gizmo’s Professor Xaviar had in X-Men.
120206 mindreader - YourMondayMotivator: Are you a mind reader?
I know what you’re thinking …
X-Men is an excellent comic and Wolverine is the coolest character. With Rogue and Nightcrawler a close second equal. … [smile] However, it isn’t hard to be a mind reader. All you need to do is care.
That’s it. Pretty simple. An easy to spell and say word that carries more weight than it has any right too.
Caring changes everything. If you care about something you will know what to do, what to say and when to do it. You will know to; check something twice, make a quick call, send an email, add in an extra comma, put away the dishes or buy flowers.
You might muck up sometimes. You might go to far. You might not always do the right thing in the situation. You are only human after all.
But, people will see you care. People will recognise that … … look in your eyes, and they will smile.
That’s how you become a mind reader. I challenge you to become one. Before you do though keep in mind that you will be in training forever, but be remembered by many. Interesting challenge. Are you in?
Have a great week.