YourMondayMotivator: A Spring in his step

Usain Bolt seems to have a Spring in his step after the semi-final and I am looking forward to what will be an awesome Mens 100m final this morning.

The 100m ‘glamour’ boys have even mostly dropped their showboating. This Olympics is all business. With some big reputations on the line I hope to see the World Record broken.
It is interesting to see these guys outwardly taking this seriously. The showboating is a bit of psychological gamesmanship but they do take it a bit far. However, it does have it’s place. Watching Kazakhstan’s Ilya Ilyin prowl around and then wind the crowd up would have helped him psyche out his opponents. His clean and jerk world record of 233kg would have psyched them out more though. Amazing. That’s like lifting up Bolt, Powell and Storm Uru over his head.
I’m not sure where today’s MM is going this morning. I did have a plan but an upset teething baby, a staff member off sick and the distraction of the Olympics seem to have led me astray.
So maybe that’s it. Imagine being so focused you can walk into an arena of 85,000 people and do your best. Be in the moment, push aside the pressure, and run, push, jump or row at your peak.
That’s what these athletes are doing every day and I admire them for that. And that’s why you have to watch. These are the rare individuals who have given up what they needed to give up to get to the top. There is a lot to learn from them. They are worth modelling and finding out the habits they have to give them the discipline to do the job day after day, week after week, month after month.
Have a great week.
My best.
Update: Wow! Great race.