YourMondayMotivator: A place for you things + fine weather

Everybody needs a place for their things / stuff. This means you know where it is, what’s there and what you can use it for. A bit of space, and organisation, really does make life easier.

This was proven to me on the weekend when I moved all my tools and garage stuff from under our house to my new shed. I’m very proud of my new 3m X 2.1m shed. It’s not big and it’s not a garage but it’s somewhere I can easily get to my stuff. The stuff that everyone should know how to use.

I digress. By having direct access to my tools, and with the great weather we had in Auckland, everything I did seemed effortless. Not a chore at all. And it got me thinking – maybe Winter is a time to relax, sleep more, stay cosy inside and spend more time with family.

The ancient adage make hay while the sun shines seems to hold water. So why then do we push ourselves to do in Winter what is effortless Spring and Summer?

There is a season for everything and yet due to technology we try to bend Mother Natures’ rules. Better to go with the flow as it were than push against it.

So I’m rethinking my approach to Winter and I think it will free me up to enjoy the better weather on the way. Will you join me in doing the same?