You’re a harder worker than you think.

This morning I read a blog post by an advertising hero of mine Alex Bogusky. He talked about a seminar he once attended and the one speaker, Lee Clow, that inspired him to stay in advertising.

The talk Lee Clow gave was about presenting your clients with great ideas. If they don’t like them, keep going back with greater ideas instead of trying to persuade them to accept the first one.

The crux is: you don’t have to ram ideas down people throats. You work really hard to come up with great ideas until the client buys one or gets sick of you and fires you. The key is hard work.

Everyday we all present ideas to people and a lot of the time they don’t like what we present at first. So we listen to their feedback, find out their likes/dislikes, what their goals are and go back to them with a better idea.

What keeps you going until the client/friend/colleague/wife likes an idea? It’s hard work and perseverance. You are working harder than you think. So give yourself a second to revel in how great you are ……. now back to work.

Have a terrific week.

P.S. How many inspirational books have you read this year?