Your Monday Motivator – Trust

“Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him, and to let him know that you trust him.” Booker T. Washington

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Trust me, I’m going to be a vet…
Trust. What is trust? Trust is the glue of relationships. The thing that makes you able to be yourself around others and know they respect you and will not take advantage of you. It is placing confidence in others so that they will be supportive of you even if you show your weaknesses. Trust is being in a vulnerable position and relying on others to treat you in a fair, open honest way.

Without trust relationships, business or personal, are as fragile as a china doll and just as likely to break. So how can you build trust? Here are 10 actions successful people take to build trust.

10 Actions Leaders Can Take to Build Trust

1. To build trust: Solve problems through direct communication. Yourself and your peers; yourself and your direct manager; yourself, your manager and their manager.

2. To build trust: Share credit generously. When in doubt, share.

3. To build trust: When in doubt about taking on a commitment, air your concerns with the relevant parties. When engaged on an ongoing commitment, communicate anticipated slippage as soon as you suspect it.

4. To build trust: Spend “informed” time mingling, asking non-assumptive questions, making only promises you can keep , working back through existing lines of authority.

5. To build trust: Be explicit and direct. If compromise is productive, do it in communication, not in your mind alone.

6. To build trust: Be timely; be willing to be wrong

7. To build trust: Acknowledge the intent and risk of innovation first, then address the issue with your honest opinion.

8. To build trust: Extend yourself beyond your own short-term feeling and validate success or new effort.

9. To build trust: Get into direct, tactful communication, airing your problem and seeking win/win resolution.

10. To build trust: Schedule regular meetings for input and feedback for those reporting to you; develop systems for employees to evaluate supervisors and managers.

This week implement action #1 until it is a habit. Then next week #2 and so on. The difference trust will make is astonishing and well worth the effort you put in.

I trust you will have a successful week Glenn.

Kind regards

Glenn Edley