Why you don’t get things done?

We all have days where nothing seems to get done. Things that should be a top priority get left unfinished as things that seem important get attended to.

Scenario from my office:

Sit down to quote for a job. This is important but does require some thinking.
Open up quote docs and the phone rings.

Take the call.

“Hi there, yes yes oh im trying to get a quote done. No your not interupting, …”

– 5mins

Check email for enquiry email, see some new mail and read them. Reply maybe take some action required by the sender.

– 15mins.

Phone rings.

– 6mins.

Colleague/staff pop their head in with a question.

– 2 mins

Start on your quote. Review the meeting notes and do 10 minutes on it.

– 10 mins

Phone rings etc

You get the picture. An hour goes by and the quote still isn’t finished.
You think; these freak’n quotes take ages.

Conveniently you have forgotten about all the interuptions you have had and the blame falls on a 20 minute quote that could change the course of the business.

My big question is; Do I want to be interupted and put important work off?

Ask yourself this today. It changed my thinking about what my priorities are and instantly raised my productivity. It means I am sometimes anti-social but I can keep my promises.