Why the best team wins.

blocks sml - Why the best team wins.

How do you build a block wall?
Bricks and morter.

Good morning,
The best team won on the weekend.

That’s right, the Warriors beat the reigning NRL title holders Melbourne Storm, in very cold and wet conditions on Sunday.

Why did they win? Because they stuck to what was working for them and stopped doing anything that didn’t.

When you have a game plan and parts of it are working and parts aren’t. Why would you continue to keep doing things that aren’t working and expect different results? That is a definition of insanity.

Flexibility, innovation and doing the right things are three qualities that enable you be to successful.
You can test something new, it doesnt work, tweak it, it does, keep doing that. Test something new, that works, tweak it etc, and then stick to things that are working. Once you are moving forward you can test, fail and tweak in the background instead of on the playing field on gameday.

This week, work on being being flexible (yes, yoga might help), study what you do so you can be innovative and have a terrific week.