Why Mobil annoyed me

Last night I pull in to my local Mobil to fill up.

Get out of the car and go to swipe my card so I can use the ‘pay at pump’ service.

There is a new sign that says pay at pump is only for Fleetcard, Mobilcard and a few other cards.

I now have to go inside and prepay.

Why did this annoy the heck out of me?

1. The only reason I go to Mobil is for the convenience of the pay at pump service.

2. My expectation of being able to pay at pump, and carry on my way, was sabotaged.

3. It was a cold and wet night and I didnt want to have to be in the weather for any longer than I had too.

4. It seemed to me, a blatant attempt by Mobil to get me inside so I will maybe buy something else.

Now I know that there isnt much profit in petrol and groceries is where they are making money, but, now the convenience is gone why would I go back to Mobil?

I wont be.

Because I expected to be able to do something that I cannot do at any other Service Station and now that difference, which meant a lot to me, is gone, there is no point being loyal to Mobil.

I am sure they will have lost lots of advocates, like me, who really enjoyed that service.

Boo to Mobil.