Why I hate blogging (or – hello 2009)

Why do I hate blogging?

Because by starting a blog and getting readers means you have promised to blog.

I wrote about this recently in a MondayMotivator after I was given an acronym for it by John Blackham from Xsol – MAPKAP – make a promise, keep a promise.

And I dear reader of this blog have let you down badly in 2008. So I am going to make you a promise for 2009 – I promise to blog once a week and only once a week.

You might think that sounds easy, however, between running my business, writing the MondayMotivator and the minimotivator, blogging is a low priority. So once a week it is and I look forward to writing about good news and finding things that are inspirational, cool, make you think or are just plain stupid or funny.

Have a great year.