Today's MondayMotivator: Why do people choose the easy thing?

mm31082020 - Today's MondayMotivator: Why do people choose the easy thing?
Uh oh! I’ve got a choice to make?!
We have waaay too many choices we can make today. Far more than even our complex biological brains can compute. In fact, if you think about choosing a show to watch on Netflix, far more than even the most powerful computers could compute.
The problem I see with all the choice we have is the paralysing effect it has on people. They can’t make a choice. So, they choose the easiest option. The one that gives them the most gratification now.
That’s not to say they didn’t think about their choice and what was good for them, they just chose the easiest option with the lowest effort for them.
In business, I see that play out as the choice between social and email marketing.
Business owners make the choice they think is going to work for them. However, they’ve unknowingly chosen the option with the least effort and the most gratification.
Social is easy (it’s not really if done properly but you can ask me how we do it if you like). It provides instant gratification. A post. A like. You can see something happen.
Email is harder to see. You have to sign people up. You have to think about the content. It seems hard to come up with something every day, week or month (it’s not if you have a plan).
Then I also get the complete opposite for the building of emails. “But, really can’t everyone do it?”. “Can’t we just drag and drop?”. When the biggest email marketing platform in the world has a line on their website that says if you want to do it properly you should code your emails, no. You can get quite a long way with drag and drop but without an expert, you’re not wringing everything you can out of your customers.
Hey, this could be the intro to a course… Get me on to email marketing and I will digress.
But my point is played by that digression. Because it does seem hard to get your act together to send an email once a week or once a month.
“Argh! Too much thought!!”
The option to post on Facebook just seems so much easier and like any easy option we can justify it to ourselves that we’re working. we’re doing something. We’re busy. Yes, we’re busy, doing nothing that will move us towards our goals.
Make better choices by keeping your goals in from of you at all times and asking yourself constantly, “Is this moving me towards my goals?”.
There will be an answer in your gut as your whole body reacts to the easy thing. It knows what you’re doing isn’t moving you towards your goals. As Grant Cardone would say, “Make the hard choices now so you can have an easier life later”.
Have a great week.

Quote for the week
“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”
― Lawrence J. Peter