YourMondayMotivator: What keeps you awake?

Can’t sleep from the thoughts in my head.
Recently I wrote about exciting things like learning new skills that keep you awake at night. But what about the other thoughts that keep you awake. The ones you would rather didn’t?
You replay events in your mind and they change with different scenarios that end differently. They might go your way or they might not. You worry about your lists, your job, your sales calls. And boom, it’s midnight and you’re not going to get the sleep you need to function well the next day.
Why does that happen? And why does it happen just as you want to sleep. How do you stop the thoughts and sleep?
Psychologists have said this happens because we have trained our brains that going to bed is a cue to start thinking. Bed can be the cue that sets the tossing and turning and thinking off.
So how do you stop them keeping you awake?

  • A journal has worked for me in the past. Jotting down what you need to do tomorrow or closing off what happened today can help settle your mind.
  • Saying to yourself you’re a good sleeper.
  • Only going to bed when you’re sleepy not just rundown or lacking energy.
  • Using your bed to sleep. Turn the phone onto airplane mode, read in the lounge, etc.
  • Wake up at the same time each morning.

Facebook’s study of how content in your newsfeed has an effect on your emotions has proven that what content you consume, or are aware off, does affect you. So watching an action movie just before you to bed probably isn’t going to be helpful.
If you are a “bad” sleeper try the above, tell yourself you’re a great sleeper and enjoy a well earned sleep each night.