What is really important to us?

I have been thinking that no matter what we say, what is really important to Kiwi’s is family, friends and good times.

New Zealanders are an interesting bunch. We are seen as hard workers by some standards and yet I have a sneaky suspicion we could do so much better.

I was at a meeting last week and we talked about Labour Weekend marking the beginning of the end of the year. The weather is getting better, work slows down and people start to think about parties.

For the last few years it has seemed to me that I can’t get much out of most companies before February so if we are winding down before November that means we are really only working nine months of the year.

I believe this is a lifestyle choice. We have chosen to be more relaxed and have a more balanced life than most. Because of that we work our butts off the rest of the year so we can hang out at the beach.

So what about my suspicion we could do so much better. Well imagine if we all started winding down one week later. The added week of production what be a huge boost to our productivity.

It’s just a thought but I want the best for my country and if working harder for one more week can help, I’m in. How about you?