What’s my purpose in life?

mm13042020 - What’s my purpose in life?

Good morning, from the back porch!!

What’s my purpose in life?

This is a question I come back to time and time again because I haven’t had what I feel is the right answer, for the time. And times change so, so should your purpose.

Or, should it?

Could there be an answer that lives within you that you can rely on to get you up in the morning?

Looking in the mirror this morning an answer bubbled up, “To be the best me.”

Hmmm. So, my purpose in life is to be the best me?

Was that selfish I thought?

Was that going to make a dent in the Universe?

The answer ‘felt’ right though. Starting with me is working. I’ve lost weight recently by doing 75 Hard and I think I look and feel way better. Most people wouldn’t notice but it’s important to me because as I head to 50 I want to have more energy than I did at 30.

Flexibility, speed and strength are what I keep front of mind. This relates to Spike as well. At any time in the history of Spike speed, flexibility and strength have allowed the business to either keep going or flourish.

So, yes this is the answer for me. Working on being the best me radiates out to those around me and because I’m putting in the work, people notice.

They notice the work if you’re out on the street at 6am, showing up in your family in a better way or being present when you’re with them.

I’m going to continue working on being the best me and I’m confident that will help me put that dent in the Universe I live in.

If you’re interested in the questions I ponder you can check out my list here. I collect good questions because I believe the better the question the better the answer.

I’d love to hear the question you’re thinking about. Message me and let me know and I’ll add it to my list.

To your success.

Quote for the week
“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”
– Epictetus