Weekly relationship tip: Allow room to breath … maybe we shouldn’t work together?

It's very common for couples to get into a bad habit of doing everything together. Whether it be socialising, playing golf, cooking, seeing family members, or exercising – there's always two of you involved. This can burn the relationship out, make you boring and one dimensional, and turn your friends off. Keep in mind:
 *Allow room to breathe*

This week I want you to make a point of spending time away from each other doing separate activities. Be creative – catch up with your friends, visit family, engage in your own hobbies and interests, go for a drive/ walk, do some different classes at the gym, have brunch on your own reading the paper etc. A healthy mix of time apart and together will keep your relationship fresh and alive!
Watch out for my interview on Kerri-Anne this week where I'll be talking about "Friends that interfere with your relationship".

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Have a good one.