Waiting, always waiting.

This morning I’m working from home as I wait for a courier to turn up with something very important for me. While I am sitting here, waiting, it occurred to me that some people are always waiting for things to happen.

They use language like; “When I win Lotto I will ….”, “The moons of Venus have to be aligned at 90 degree’s to the east before I ….”, “I didn’t get that promotion so I can’t ….”, and “When Dan Carter comes back we will be …”.

Be what? Winning. That would take a miracle or hard work and focus. I hate waiting for things to happen and feel sure that my impatience has helped me a lot because I have not waited I have just gone out and worked towards what I want.

It is said good things come to those who wait and with Lauren coming home this week I could agree with that. However, that still required work because she was on the other side of the world and I wanted to make sure she came back.

This week don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen. Even if it’s just a coffee with a friend. Make it happen.