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Not surprisingly, Grey Lynn 2030 are pleased to support our Steering Committee member, Pippa Coom in the forthcoming Auckland Energy Consumer Trust elections. Voting papers will start arriving from Friday 16 October so watch out for them in your letter box.
We hope with you all plugging into your networks, that all of us from Grey Lynn 2030 can work together and have Pippa elected as one of the 5 trustees. This will bring a refreshing change to the Trust and importantly a real community and sustainability focus. But it really will take all of us getting behind Pippa to make this happen. The AECT covers Auckland City, Papakura, Waiheke Island and Manukau. Pippa does not have the time or the money to run a big media campaign over all of Auckland.  So, please forward on Pippa’s email below – preferably with your own personal message about why it is worth voting in this election (and not just putting the papers in the (recycling) bin….)
For the Facebook fans, could you post a note about Pippa on Facebook with a link to her website  or for Twitterers a few tweets. A text or even a good old fashioned phone call or a chat to a friend are guaranteed to secure a vote too! We know that a personal recommendation to your friends is very powerful. In the last election there were only 29 votes in it so any steps you are able to take to spread this message will make a difference.
So who is Pippa and what does she stand for? Please read below.
Suzanne Kendrick
Grey Lynn 2030 Steering Committee

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Pippa Coom will serve as an effective Trustee on the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust that recently paid a $320 dividend. You can vote now for Pippa Coom in the election of 5 trustees.


You are being asked to elect trustees of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust. You are a beneficiary of this Trust. Only a small number of those eligible actually vote (21% in the 2006 election), which is surprising given that the asset of the Trust consists of a 75.1% holding in Vector Ltd (worth approximately $1.5 billion). This is YOUR asset, YOUR Trust. As a beneficiary of the Trust you need to be satisfied that the elected trustees are experienced and skilled to act in your best interests and protect and maximize your asset. Role of the Trustees – read more


  • Hands on experience of the energy sector and regulated industries
  • Corporate lawyer for over 15 years, most recently at Vector Ltd


  • Impartial and fresh perspective to the decisions of the Trust ensuring an objective focus on the issues
  • Campaign is not affiliated to any political party


Vote for Pippa to secure YOUR dividend, ensure public ownership of Vector, sustainable management of essential power assets for the benefit of the community and future generations and to put community into YOUR trust.

Please post your vote now and forward this email to all your networks.
Voting papers must be posted back by Friday 30 October.
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