Today's minimotivator on moments being bigger than years

minimotivator 26062020 - Today's minimotivator on moments being bigger than years
Today’s minimotivator.
Sometimes I would 
almost rather have
people take away 
years of my life than
take away a moment.
– Pearl Bailey
For what seems like just a moment waterfalls appear out of almost nowhere after rain in our area. So, I captured the moment because tomorrow it will be a trickle and then with no rain, gone.
Moments are what we appear to remember most. Moments of experience that etch themselves deeply into our brain’s circuits.
This goes for both good and bad moments. The bad moments I try to either delete or reframe them as a lesson or zoom out so I can see them in an objective light. They don’t seem so bad from that perspective.
But the good moments, I like when they pop into my head. I can replay them again and experience the same feeling I had when they took place.
Those are the moment’s Pearl is referring too and those are the moments that come from experiences, interactions, conversations.
Do more of that.
And be able to tap into those moments and the associated feelings when you need a boost.