Today’s minimotivator on being tiresome to your children

minimotivator 15072020 - Today's minimotivator on being tiresome to your children

Today’s minimotivator.

Grown-ups never understand
anything by themselves, and it is
tiresome for children to be always
and forever explaining things to them.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Ahh yes. The exasperation of a child explaining what they’ve done or want to do or what is in front of you.

The eye rolls and deep sighs as you appear to them to be an alien who doesn’t speak their language. This is an almost daily occurrence for a parent of small people. Especially when you really don’t understand why they’ve just done something amazingly, in your eyes, silly.

de Saint-Exupéry wrote one of my favourite books – The Little Prince. I love that book. The almost delicately told story and the fantastic illustrations make it a pleasure to read.
He is on to something with this idea. Because even in those moments when you are being tiresome there is something magical about a child explaining something so clear to them and yet, just out of your reach.

You really do need their help in this case. Maybe you could listen a bit harder.