Todays minimotivator: October 2008

“Try more stuff than the other guy” .

Tom Peters coined this phrase in a recent blog. Right now I’m in the job market, and whilst Tom was talking specifically about marketing, I chose “trying more stuff” as my mantra. That decision has resulted in me doing all sorts of stuff outside what I’d usually do.

Stuff like – attending conferences – in industries completely new to me
– requesting meetings with CEO’s and leaders I know (and some whom I don’t),
– gifting a book (StrengthsFinder 2.0) to the above leaders who say “yes”
– creating &sending; out personalised micro-questionnaires to selected businesses
– and even raising my profile by writing for a well-known email marketer.

So … What stuff are you trying… to create opportunities for you, your business and your family?

Today’s minimotivator was contributed by Andy McDowell, business coach and award winning direct marketer.