Today’s minimotivator #212-2009

Edward Gorey said, “Life is intrinsically, well, boring and dangerous at the same time. At any given moment the floor may open up. Of course, it almost never does; that’s what makes it so boring.”

I am the kind of person that does wish the floor would open up sometimes so I can see what I would do. Hang on by my fingertips or scream like a little girl and fall.

None of us seem to like boring and so we create things that we can then deal with and work out how to get of. This thinking has lead to the highest mountains being climbed and the deepest oceans plumbed.

This weekend do something that you think is ‘dangerous’ and break out of ‘boring’. The exhilaration will be awesome. Notice I said ‘dangerous’ and not ‘life-threatening’. There is a big difference.