Today’s minimotivator #12-2010: Success and decisions

“To be successful, YOU have to decide what to do next.”

Do you make your own decisions about what to do next? Disregarding the “yes” that popped into your head take a minute to think about your day so far. Did you decide to come into work or did you have to. Did you make the decision to eat cereal for breakfast or was that all that was in the cupboard.

When you look closely at the decisions you made today you will see some of them were made by either someone else or outside influences.

What if you made the decision to come to work. When you get up in the morning you consciously think to yourself and maybe say out loud, “I make the decision to go to work today!” Would that make it easier to go to work? I think it would because you are in control of the decision.

Try it this afternoon when you decide what route to drive home or what task to do next. Not only will it make you smile it will make you feel happier because you made the decision.


P.S. Hat tip to Seth Godin for making me thing about this.