Three POWERFUL words that make a difference

I might have said this before that words are powerful. The words you use to describe yourself and your circumstances define you. Make sure they are big, bold and inspirational.

The following words are words I really like: design, engineer and create. These 3 powerful words when used in any job, career or life make an amazing difference. Here’s why;

Design: take time to design your life.
There is a common saying that people spend more time organising a party than their own life. Spend 10 mins a week designing your life and you will be far ahead of the crowd. You will have spent almost 9 hours over the year – 9 hours from 10 mins a week.

Engineer: engineer your life.
Sketch it out. Use your eraser and pencil to trim here or add there. When you’re happy with it use ink and make it permanent. You now have a blueprint and a plan to follow.

Create: use your plan and start building.
Have you ever built a house or a model plane? Thats how detailed you need to get. Don’t think you can do this in one sitting. Just 10 mins a week at a set time going over the plans, imagining what your life will look like in minute detail is exciting. You will feel like a kid again and have so much energy nothing will stop you.

Try it today. Doing this exercise helped me to change my attitude after a particularly shitty hard day and reminded me where I am going.