This year will be the best year of our Life because ….

Every year, for several years now, Lauren and I have written a list of what would make the year ahead the best year of our lives. It doesn’t generally take too long to do and it’s sometimes surprising what we each think will make it the best year.
However by putting both our aspirations into a combined list we are literally both on the same page for the year. During the year we check the list at the beginning of each month to check how we are progressing. Sometimes we make adjustments to the list, adding things, changing things or removing them if they don’t end up fitting.
By being on the same page from the start of the year and checking in we’ve found we really get a lot done. But even better than that we can see what we’ve done. And that is the most important part of this exercise for me.
2014 - This year will be the best year of our Life because ....
Because we forget, easily. We forget things we have done that are really great achievements. We forget what we have paid for things and think the money has just frittered away. We forget everything and are always looking towards the next ‘thing’. That’s a human trait that has meant we moved out of caves and into houses. And gone from cart wheels to landing on the moon.
But you should try to remember what you have done during the year because you will have always done something that moved you forward. And if you’ve forgotten because you didn’t write it down you might feel you’ve just wasted another year.
As we head into 2014 find something that helps you get on the same page and check it regularly during the year. Doing so will mean 2014 will be the best of your life.
Thank you for reading the MondayMotivator in 2013. If you started a challenge this year I trust you completed it and are ready for a new one. If you didn’tquite make it there is always 2014.
Have a safe and fun New Year and a successful 2014.
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